King's Talent Bank (KTB) will have implemented a new holiday function from Wednesday 23rd August 2023. This upgrade is in agreement with the KCL Human Resources department, as this new holiday feature fulfils our commitment to continually improve the service you receive. 

This new function will enable a clearer understanding of holiday accrual and make your holiday request journey more intuitive and easy to manage. 

How to navigate the new function:

  • From the 23rd of August, you will see the new holiday function under the Payroll Menu.
  • When you select the branch (King’s Talent Bank) you will then see a drop-down next to ‘Assignments’.
  • There will be an option called ‘Historical Holiday’ with a value against this. 
  • This value is the holiday you have remaining from the legacy holiday system and you will have until the 19th of December 2023 to request this holiday pay. 
  • To ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for you, any outstanding holiday remaining after Tuesday 19th December 2023 will be paid out into your bank account automatically on Friday 5th January 2024. 

Important for workers: If you have made any previous requests for holiday using the current system, those requests will be automatically added to your profile and scheduled to be paid for when you are taking holiday.

BANK HOLIDAYS: All bank holidays must be requested through the holiday feature on your profile. If you do not request holiday for any bank holidays payment will not be made. 


Note for Managers:

As a manager, you will also not be required to take any action.

There will be no additional charges for the use of the upgraded holiday feature 

The holiday payout will not affect your budgets as the holiday is part of the charge rate per hour, therefore the holidays have already been paid out through your budgets. 

How is your holiday calculated?

Hours worked x 12.07% (Non AWR rate) = Holiday Hours Accrued 

Hours worked x 15.56% (AWR rate) = Holiday Hours Accrued