1. How do I register to undertake casual work in QUB?

The following video will take your through how to register on QWork and complete your Right to Work information - Introduction & Registration Process 

This guide will take you through the New Starter Process including training videos and support information. 

  1. How can I check my version of Google Chrome is the latest? 

QWork performs best with Google Chrome. 

You can use the following link to check the details & you will get an update like the below:

  1. How do I complete my Right to Work Check?

Once you have completed the 5 steps of QWork registration you will receive a Welcome email.  Please check your junk email if you do not automatically receive this email. 

Within this welcome email there is a link to Melissa ID Pal, our app to verify your Right to Work documentation.  You MUST complete this step to be registered fully on QWork. 

Please note the following: 

  • QUB only accepts a PASSPORT as form of ID.  

Please do not upload your driving licence as proof of ID as this will delay the process. 

If your passport has expired, please send an email to providing your name and email address for further support.  

  • If you are a British or Irish citizen, you should upload your passport only.  

  • If you are a citizen of any other country, you should upload BOTH your passport and evidence of your immigration status e.g., a SHARE CODE. 

  • Shares codes are available to all EU citizens and BRP card holders. For more information & to obtain a share code, please review the Prove your Right to Work to an Employer -

  • You may be contacted to complete an in-person check. In this case, please note that checks are currently being carried out remotely via Teams.  

This is not an automated process and can take several days to complete. 

See details below to locate your Worker ID / Payroll Ref Number 

The ID Number is NOT used to access QUB Systems or for any payroll information.

  1. I have not received a welcome email with details for Melissa ID Pal, what should I do? 

Please send an email to providing your name and email address that you have used to register on QWork and support will be provided. 

  1. Can I work without my Right to Work check being completed?

No. If you are due to start work, please contact your Hiring Manager / Department or School contact immediately. 

  1. I have uploaded my Right to Work documentation, what happens next? 

If we have been able to complete your right to work check based on your submission through ID Pal, your Hiring Manager will be able to offer you an assignment as you will show as fully compliant on QWork, this is not an automated process and can take several days to complete. 

Where this has not been possible, for example, if the system has been unable to capture a clear image of your passport, you will be contacted to have your documentation checked, this may take up to 5 working days to complete.

  1. My British or Irish passport has expired, or I am a British or Irish citizen     who has never held a passport. 

Updated May 2024

ID Pal will accept a recently expired British or Irish passport (if it is still a true likeness) for the Right to Work check – You will get an error message, but you should be able to dismiss this and proceed with your submission. If you are still unable to submit your passport, please contact for assistance.

If you do not hold a recently expired passport, if the likeness has changed, or if you have never held a passport, please send a copy of your birth/adoption certificate and an official document issued by a government agency or a previous employer stating your National Insurance number and name, together with your Worker ID / Payroll Ref number, to

If you are a naturalised British citizen, you can forward a copy of your certificate of registration/naturalisation instead of a birth/adoption certificate. Please note that this process will take longer than processing through the Mellissa ID Pal App so please ensure you complete the above as soon as you have registered on QWork.

  1. Support relating to Disability/Long-term conditions and Reasonable Adjustments.

Updated May 2024

If you have accepted an assignment and have a disability or long-term condition which might impact you on or during the assignment, or if you feel there are any adjustments that should be put in place, please contact the hiring manager to discuss so to ensure any adjustments can be put in place in a timely manner.

The hiring manager will have a conversation before your first day to understand how your disability or long-term condition might impact them any duties or responsibilities in the specific role and if there are any adjustments that can be put in place.

  1. Need to update bank account details.

Log on to QWork, click on Payroll Menu.

Then click on the tab for Payment Details, use the edit option. 

The view will be the same as the below screen. 

  1. How do I reset my QWork Password? 

To access QWork please go to the website -

Log in is located on the top right of the screen. 

When you are at this stage, please use the reset password option as highlighted below: 

     11. Do I receive a contract? 

Yes, this will be part of your registration process. You will receive a copy of your contract with your welcome email & a copy will be located within QWork under the Payroll Menu – Contract Tab.  

Assignments & Timesheets 

  1. How do I know if I have been offered an assignment?

Once your Hiring Manager has uploaded details of your assignment, you will receive notification through an email direct to the email address you have supplied to QWork. 

The assignment email will outline your hours, pay, hiring manager and details of your assignment. The email is to prompt you to log into QWork to action the offer of work. 

Please note the expiry date of the offer on the email.  

You MUST accept or decline the assignment before the expiry date. 

  1. How do I accept an Assignment?

Video Link - Assignment Offer provides a step-by-step guide on offers of work and accepting assignments. 

Please use the below if you have any issues with the link or need further support. 

An email will generate to you with the offer of work / letter of engagement. 

You MUST log into QWork to take action under the Assignment / Timesheets tab. 


Once you select the relevant assignment in QWork (click on the ‘Pending’ Status) 

You will be required to confirm if you Accept or Decline the offer of work. 

If you do not take this action prior to the offer Expiry Date, the offer is no longer valid and you cannot work. 

At this point you can view more details of the work including Job Description, Reporting Instruction and any Attachments that have been uploaded by your Hiring Manager. 

Once you have accepted an assignment in QWork, timesheets will start to generate in the background and will issue to you each Thursday of your working week. 

  1. How do I submit a timesheet? 

It is your responsibility as a worker to submit a timesheet for approval on a weekly basis through the QWork system to ensure payment is processed. 

Video Link - Timesheets provides a step-by-step guide.

Please use the below if you have any issues with the link or need further support. 

Every Thursday of your assignment, QWork will automatically generate a timesheet for you to complete.  

  • On the side menu go to ‘Assignments/Timesheet’. 

  • Under the relevant assignment you will see ‘Timesheet’, click here. 

  • Review the week you wish to submit a timesheet for, click enter hours. 

  • Enter the hours you have worked before pressing the submit button on the bottom of the page.

  • Please ensure you have entered the correct number of hours for the right week before clicking submit.

  • You should only submit the times of your shift e.g., start of day at 9.00 am to end of day at 11.00 am for a 2-hour shift. Please ensure you input any breaks if applicable. 

  • If your shift ends after 12 midnight, please click on the 00 after the 23 hours as shown below to ensure that the full shift has been recorded. 

  • Holidays are not included on your timesheets. You can request holidays through the payroll menu under the holiday request tab. 

  • You should submit your timesheet every week, as soon as possible after you have completed the work.  

  • Do not submit a timesheet until after the hours have been worked. 

  1. Do I need to submit a timesheet if I am sick? 

If you do not work for any reason, please do not submit a timesheet but ensure that you contact your Hiring Manager. 

  1. I may have submitted incorrect details on my timesheet, what should I do? 

Please ensure that you take time when submitting timesheets to ensure that the details are correct. If you notice any issues, please contact your Hiring Manager immediately.

They will then send the timesheet back to you ‘queried’ to ensure that you can make any adjustments necessary.


    17. I am unable to view a timesheets or assignments, why? 

If you have carried out work and cannot see your timesheet it may be because of the following reasons:

  • Check if you have accepted the assignment before the expiry offer date. If you failed to accept the assignment, please contact your hiring manager immediately.

  • We may not have received all your compliance documents, therefore your hiring manager is unable to create an assignment/timesheet for you.

  • Your assignment may have ended and may need to be extended. To extend your assignment you will need to contact your hiring manager to do this for you.

  • Your timesheet/s may not be generated yet.  Please note timesheets are generated every Thursday for work carried out in that current week.

  • Your assignment may have ended please change Recent to Older to view all your ended assignments. See screenshot below. 


     18.Why is my assignment showing as declined but I have not declined it? 

If you have not accepted the assignment BEFORE the expiry date (not on the expiry date), it will show as declined once the date has passed. Please contact your Hiring Manager.  


      19. What is the deadline for submitting timesheets? 

It is recommended that you submit your timesheets on a weekly basis once you have completed the work. This will ensure that any queries relating to the hours can be actioned, leaving enough time to review and authorise the timesheets prior to payroll processing.  

Please refer to the QWork Payment Schedule for payroll processing and payments dates which is also located at the log in stage of QWork. 

Timesheets submitted last minutes on payroll cut off week are at risk of not been processed that month.

Hours worked & timesheet submitted by a worker for the week that payroll is closing should be processed the following month in line with the Payment Schedule.

Any timesheet not completely submitted will be processed in the following month. 

Processed hours are paid on the last working day of the month into Bank Accounts. 

You can view the date that your timesheets are processed under the Assignment / Timesheet history.


     20. What do I do if my timesheet has been queried? 

If your timesheet has been queried, you will receive notification of this.

Please log in to QWork and click the timesheet that has been queried, you will then see a message explaining why your timesheet has not been approved. 

It may be because your hours you have entered do not agree with the timesheet authoriser or you have forgotten to take off your lunch breaks. 

Once you make the necessary amendments, please ensure you submit the timesheet again, as the system will then generate an email to your timesheet approver. 


      21. Why are my student hours capped? 

Updated May 2024

It is Queens University policy that students are allowed to complete no more than 20 hours per week of work during term time.  As a student worker, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not exceed the weekly cap. 

Student hours may vary in line with the vacation periods depending on the level of study, but you should always check with your School:

  • Undergraduate students: Vacation periods are generally in line with the University calendar however some courses operate extended teaching periods outside the published semester dates, e.g. medicine, dentistry. Please contact your School if you require further clarity regarding vacation periods.

  • Postgraduate taught students: Vacation periods are in line with the University calendar except during summer vacation, as Masters students must study full-time to complete their dissertation.

  • Postgraduate research students: Vacation periods do not fall in line with the University calendar and students must seek permission from their School at all times when they wish to take a vacation.

Please note, in some cases there may be specific working hour requirements dependent on sponsorship or funding criteria.  In these instances, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure they adhere to their personal working hours limit. To update your individual working hour limit on the QWork system, please email confirming your name, limitations of hours, start and end date of the limitations to hours.

Student Visa Holders 

Student Visa Holders (SVH) are subject to a legal limit of 20 hours paid working per week (Monday to Sunday).  

For workers who are SVH, it is essential that you do not exceed the permitted hours to work or carry out work without a current accepted assignment in QWork.  

This may lead to a violation of conditions stipulated on your Visa. 

For further information please refer to Immigration Support Services Working in the UK as a Student and Periods of Student, Holidays and Other Absences. 

In certain circumstances students may request a variation to their working hours with the relevant approval. For your 20-hour limit on QWork to be reviewed please ensure you fully complete the variation request form via the below link or QR Code: 

QWork QUB Student - Request Variation to Weekly Hours LimitA qr code with black squares 
Description automatically generated

Please note the information at the start of the form which outlines the Student Level and relevant Approving Authority. 

You will be prompted at the start to link into the Queens Online (QOL) network, if you log in under your QUB student email and send the request from that email. 

  1. Minimum Hours Facility 

We are committed to providing greater security and a guarantee of hours for Workers where possible. In many cases it will be possible to guarantee hours (subject to the terms of agreement), e.g., teaching hours for teaching assistants. However, in some scenarios it may not be possible to predict the number of hours in advance as the hours may vary week to week (e.g., in the commercial areas of the University or for those engaged in marking assignments). 

As a result of this, from Monday 4th October 2021, QWork will be updated to include a minimum hours facility within the system. 

This means that, for each Assignment added to QWork, a Hiring Manager can specify the minimum and maximum number of hours that the Worker can be engaged for the duration of that Assignment, effectively creating a pool of potential hours. 

The terms of agreement have been updated on QWork to reflect this change and all Workers will receive a notification advising of this prior to the 4 October. No action is required on the behalf of the Worker. 

Workers should only undertake work in Queen’s if they have been offered and accepted an Assignment in QWork. You should note that if you carry out work that is not properly processed via QWork, you will not be paid. 

It is your responsibility as a Worker to submit your timesheets regularly to ensure that they are paid on time. Timesheets generate each Thursday for the week that you are working in. 

  1. Further information relating to Teaching Support:

Annual Leave 

  1. When can I take Annual Leave?

Your entitlement to paid holiday in each holiday year (which runs from 1 January to 31 December) is the statutory annual leave entitlement provided by the Working Time Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016, namely the equivalent of 5.6 weeks’ (capped at 28 days) paid holiday. Your assignment may include working on days that are statutory, bank and/or public holidays and there is no statutory right to paid holiday on these days. 

You must take all your holiday during the holiday year in which it accrues and carrying forward holiday is not permitted unless either agreed in advance by your hiring manager or where the law allows holiday to be carried forward. The University will pay you in lieu of your accrued but untaken holiday entitlement at the end of each assignment calculated in accordance with the Working Time Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016. The amount of such payment in lieu shall be one hour’s pay for each accrued but untaken hour of your holiday entitlement.

Operationally, QWork will pay untaken leave for closed assignments a quarterly basis:

Completed Assignments


April May June


July Aug Sept


Oct Nov Dec


Jan Feb Mar


If your assignment involves the provision of teaching support during term time (for example, as a PGTA) you should seek to use all accrued holidays outside teaching periods and the University will refuse requests for holidays which would adversely impact on teaching schedules.

If you are planning to book annual leave, you should not sign up for additional shifts with the University during this holiday period. Your annual leave should be a period of rest and relaxation and is crucial to ensuring your health and safety at work. 

  1. How do I request a holiday? 

Video Link - Holiday / Annual Leave will take you through a step-by-step guide on requesting and processing of leave. 

Once you are in the Payroll Menu, click on Holiday Requests to complete the form and submit it. 

You will be shown a balance of holiday hours accrued to date. 

Please note you will only view the accrued holidays after your timesheets have processed for payment. 

Payslips will show annual leave payments separately to hours worked.

Please note, if a worker is taking holiday, you do not need to complete a timesheet for these days. 

Your entitlement to paid Annual Leave in each holiday year (which runs from 1 January to 31 December) will be the pro rata equivalent of 5.6 weeks’ (or 28 days') paid holiday.

  1. How will my payslips show payments in terms of hours worked and Annual Leave?

Payslips will show all hours paid in that month and the relevant hourly rate.  Payslips will also show annual leave payments separately to hours worked.

Pay & Pension Information


     27. I have a query about my payslip, who should I contact?

Please log on to QWork and ensure that you have submitted all the necessary timesheets. You will need to contact your Hiring Manager if there are any issues relating to your hours worked. 

You can view what timesheets have been processed under Assignment / Timesheet history: 

This will provide details of what has been processed for the month that you are reviewing. 

  1. Understanding your Payslip 

  • Tax period  This shows the tax month that the payslip refers to. The tax year runs April to March with April = month1, May = month2 …..March =month 12

  • Tax code – This shows the tax code used in calculating that month’s pay

  • N.I. Number - Please note that for data security purposes, your national insurance number is not shown on your payslip

  • NI Code – This shows the N.I category letter used to calculate national insurance contributions (NIC) due on your pay.

  • All QUB payees aged 21 and over pay the standard A rate NIC. Payees under 21 are allocated NIC category letter M.

  • More information on NIC rates is available at  National Insurance rates and categories - GOV.UK (

  • Payments section - This will show the number of hours being paid against each type of work you have performed. It will show no. of hours x hourly rate = amount paid

  • Deductions section – This will show the amount of tax and national insurance deducted (and NEST pension if applicable)

  • This period – Summarises your total taxable pay this month

  • Year to date – Summarises the total taxable and national insurance able pay paid this tax year (i.e. from the previous April to date)

  • NET Pay – Is the amount paid after all deduction have been taken

  • Paid by – This shows if your pay has been submitted to your bank account of paid by cheque. Please note that for data security purposes, your bank account details are not shown on your payslip.

Payslip enquiries 

  • When you receive your payslip if you have any queries on the total amount of hours paid – please contact your Hiring Manager.

  • If you have any queries regarding the amount of Tax, National Insurance or pension deductions please contact

  1. Moving from Non-Staff Payroll (NSP) system to QWork & your pension. 

If you were engaged previously through the NSP payroll and are now on the QWork payroll, this means that you have moved from one HMRC Pay As You Earn (PAYE) reference number to another.  In the first pay month on the new payroll, your record is assessed against the relevant age and earnings eligibility criteria that is required for auto enrolment into the NEST pension scheme.

Those that do not meet the criteria, will not be auto enrolled into NEST, even if they have been a NEST member whilst on the NSP payroll. This is because their new payroll QWork record is assessed as a new contract and does not take into account previous records on different PAYE reference numbers.

The Pensions Office will issue a communication to advise whether or not payees have been auto enrolled into the NEST pension scheme

Those who have not met the auto enrolment criteria will have the option to opt-in to the NEST pension scheme and the communication they receive will provide information on this process.

  1. Pension information 

In the first pay month on the new payroll, your record is assessed against the relevant age and earnings eligibility criteria that is required for auto enrolment into the NEST pension scheme.  

If this is the case, you will receive detailed communication from the University’s Pensions Office. 

Further Support 

  1. Who should I contact if I have a problem with any issues at work? 

Please ensure you contact your Hiring Manager about any issues relation to work or your assignment. 

  1. I recently graduated how do I update my profile on QWork to non-student? 

Please send an email to confirming your graduation date and student number. 

  1. I have recently got another job elsewhere, do I need to take any action? 

Please send an email to advising of the details and if you wish to remain on QWork longer term.  You can also follow the instructions on how to request your P45 and if required how to deactivate your account. 


    34. How do I request my P45?

Under the Payroll Menu. 

Click on ‘Contract’ tab, you will see ‘Leaving Employment’.

When you are ready to leave, you can click on the request your P45. 

Please make sure you correctly enter the date last worked in the form below.

  • P45s are produced monthly. 

  • P45s requested prior to payroll cut off (Please refer to QWork Payment Schedule) will be sent out at the end of the month. 

  • P45s requested after payroll cut off will be sent out at the end of the following month.

  • The end date shown on your P45 will show the end of the month prior to the date your P45 was requested.

The P60s will be published towards the middle of May, a hard copy will also be posted to the address provided on QWork. 


    35. How do I deactivate my account? 

Under the My Details

Click on the link ‘View Profile’.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Click on the button ‘Deactivate Account’    

A pop-up screen now appears as per below, prompting the user to enter their password. 

Enter the password then click on the ‘Ok’ button.

The account is now deactivated.

  1. Sick Pay Entitlement

If you have accepted an assignment but are then unable to work the hours agreed you (or someone on your behalf) must inform the Hiring Manager by telephone of the reason for your absence, as soon as possible but in any event by no later than two hours before you are scheduled to start work so that they can make alternative arrangements. 

For queries related to Statutory Sick Pay please contact the Salaries Office

For more information on SSP please click here:

  1. My Qwork account says it has been disabled. 

If you receive a message about your account being disabled when logging in, please contact that you confirm your full name & email address in the query. 

Find a Job 

  1. Updating your Profile on QWork. 

Take time to update your profile on QWork if you are interested in applying for work through QWork. 

Video Link - Building Your Profile / Job Applications will take you through the details on updating your profile. 

  1.  Uploading a CV

When you log on to QWork, lick on ‘My Documents’, then upload the latest copy of your ‘CV here’. 

You will then be able to upload the CV and update any further preference that you have in relation to work. 

  1. Find a Job / Recruitment on QWork 

Video Link - Building Your Profile / Job Applications will take you through the details on updating your profile and applying for work.  

Hiring Managers can advertise casual work on QWork, to view what it currently advertised, when you log into QWork, under the QWork side menu view ‘Search Current Jobs’.

Access to QUB Systems 

  1. As a worker, do I get access to all Queen’s Systems?

Not all assignments require access to QUB systems, please discuss this with your Hiring Manager. 

All access to QUB systems is linked to your Worker Credentials which is a 35 Number & Password.

Through the Worker Credentials you will have basic access to: 

  • Queens on Line (QOL) - . You will be prompted to use your Username which is your 35 number e.g. 

  • Office 365 

  • iTrent Self Service to access an electronic version of your payslip. 

To access Office 365, you will require a smart phone to set-up multi-factor authentication (MFA) and to reset your password. 

If you require additional systems access such as Email, Canvas etc. please contact your hiring manager. 

Please be aware that access to QUB systems including email will only be for the duration of your live assignment only.  

Email account and One Drive contents will be deleted 90 days after your assignment end date. Please speak with your hiring manager regarding the storage of documents for future reference. 

  1. How Can I access my Payslips? 

Payslips are currently posted to the address that you have provided on QWork.  Providing you have a current assignment and access to QUB systems you can also access an electronic copy of your payslip from the iTrent System. 

  • To access iTrent, you must log on to QOL and click on the iTrent logo.

  • You will be prompted to use your Worker Credentials again for access to iTrent.

Your latest payslips will display on the dashboard and previous payslips / P60 etc. located through ‘My Pay’ on the side menu. 

  1. As a worker, do I get access to an email address automatically?

No, you will not automatically be assigned an email address. Your Hiring Manager can request one on your behalf by completing a QF01P form.  Should you have any queries relating to email access please contact the IT Service Desk.

  1. How do I get my QUB System Access Credentials to access QUB Systems?

Once you have accepted an assignment for work in QWork, you will receive an encrypted email with your QUB Worker Credentials, this is a 35 Number and password.  You will need this information should you require access to QUB systems.  It is important to ensure you still have access to the email account you registered with on QWork as this is where your credentials will be email too. 

You will receive your credentials 3 days before the start date of your assignment. Access will become live on the day of your assignment and will end on the last day of your assignment. 

If you are expecting an email with your QUB system credentials or you no longer have access to the email address you registered with on QWork, please contact the QWork Admin team at

The 35 Number you are provided with will remain with you throughout your time on QWork unless you P45 yourself on QWork. If you request a P45 and then subsequently, accept another assignment, you will be provided with new credentials which will include a new 35 number. 

  1. I already have an Additional Persons account (beginning with 26), can I continue to use it?

No, your Additional Persons account will cease to exist soon as possible after your registration on QWork. This process will be completed by Information Services, and you do not need to take any action.  You should use your new QUB Worker Credentials (35 Number) for all systems access. 

  1. I have an email address with an old NSP/OnCampus Jobs/Additional Persons account. Can I still access this, and if not, how do I access email?

Once registered on the QWork system, your existing email address linked to an old NSP/OnCampus Jobs/Additional Persons account will cease to exist. You can request to move this old account to your new QUB Worker Credentials (35 Number), by sending the request to the IT Service Desk.  

  1. I have a current QUB email address from a previous engagement. Can I still access this?

Your email address can be maintained but you must request to move this to your new QUB Worker Credentials (35 Number), by sending the request to the IT Service Desk.  

  1. I need a SmartCard for building access or printing - How do I get one?

You will need to supply a recent digital image to your Hiring Manager who will then request one on your behalf.

  1. I have forgotten / need to change my QUB Systems Access password or my QUB systems account is locked out how can I do this?

The Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool will allow you to change your password, reset your password if you have forgotten it or unlock your account if it is locked, for example if you have tried signing in too many times with an incorrect password.

Please do so here: 

Self Service Password Reset | Information Services | Queen's University Belfast (