1. Who should be engaged through QWork?

QWork is used to manage the recruitment, engagement, and payment of Workers.  The Extended Workforce team have developed a list of Common Roles and their normal employment status.  Where the status is stated as TBC, they will remain as currently engaged until a final decision is made on how that Job Family should be engaged. 


If you are unsure if the person you are engaging is a Worker please refer to the Extended Workforce SharePoint for further support on the wider Extended Workforce. 


International Workers

Given the complexity of administrative arrangements for engaging workers overseas please refer to the  Extended Workforce SharePoint for further support.

2. How do Hiring Managers register for QWork? 

Your School Manager / Department Manager or team involved in QWork have the option to ‘Invite a Colleague’.  

Video Link - Introduction to QWork provides a step-by-step guide for a hiring manager joining QWork. 


Please refer also to the Hiring Manager Video Guides and Information sheet for up-to-date information on EW and QWork. 



3. How can a worker register on QWork? 

Workers can join QWork through the Join QWork option on the QWork website. 

If you wish to provide a New Starer Process guide, this will take a new worker through registration, right to work and includes training videos and support information. 



4. How can I check my version of Google Chrome is the latest? 


QWork performs best with Goole Chrome. 

You can use the following link to check the details & you will get an update like the below:

5. How do I log on to QWork?

As a Hiring Manager you can log in using the link on QUB QOL or directly through the website: 

The log in option is located on the top right of the screen when you are on the landing page for QWork.

6. How do I reset my QWork Password? 

To access QWork please go to the website -

Log in is located on the top right of the screen. 

When you are at this stage, please use the reset password option as highlighted below: 

7. Where can I find a copy of the Terms of Agreement?

You can find a copy of the Terms of Agreement on the Extended Workforce SharePoint Document Library

8. Do I still need to do Right to Work Checks for Workers?

A Worker MUST complete their Right to Work (RTW) checks via QWork to be engaged in work. Right to Work checks are carried out through the registration process in QWork via Melissa ID Pal. 

  • A worker cannot not be engaged in work prior to a RTW check being carried out. 
  • A worker cannot accept an assignment in QWork until they are fully compliant.  
  • A worker should not attend work without an accepted assignment.

9. How does a Worker complete a Right to Work check?

Right to Work checks are carried out by Melissa ID Pal, an App that workers are requested to download as part of the registration process.

This is not an automated process and can take several days to complete. 

10. What are Worker ID Numbers at registration stage? 

For a worker to view their Worker ID / Payroll Ref Number, they click on the Payroll Menu the Payroll Ref: xxx is the ID Number is found beside their name at the top of the page. 

As a Hiring Manager you can view all your workers QWork ID Numbers under the Timesheet Report or under the workers profile, it’s the last 6 digits located in the URL box at the top of the page. 

The Worker ID Number is NOT used to access QUB Systems or for any payroll information.

11.We work with students/non-students who will have to undertake an Access NI police records check before they can accept an assignment - is there an option to indicate if a worker has completed this check so the Hiring Manager is confident of making an offer of work? 

This is not part of the QWork system. If the role involves working with children and/or adults at risk you must ensure appropriate safeguarding measures are put in place, including criminal history checks, if required.  Please discuss with your school/directorate office. Advice is also available from the Legal Services and Employee Relations Unit.

All recruitment adverts should be reviewed in line with the University process on Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk.

12. Some casual workers – particularly Student Visa Holders (formerly Tier 4 students) – may be required to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct/Police Record Check from their home country before they can apply for an Access NI check and/or undertake work for QUB.  Is there an option to indicate on QWork if a student has this document in place, or an option for the Student Visa Holder to upload this document if required?  

This is not part of the QWork system. If the role involves working with children and/or adults at risk you must ensure appropriate safeguarding measures are put in place, including criminal history checks, if required.  Please discuss with your school/directorate office. Advice is also available from the Legal Services and Employee Relations Unit.

All recruitment adverts should be reviewed in line with the University process on Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk.

13. A worker has contacted me to confirm that their passport has expired, or they have never held a passport, what can they do? 

ID Pal will not accept an expired passport for the Right to Work check and is unable to verify other documents for Right to Work purposes. If the passport is recently expired and the image is still a true likeness e.g., not from childhood, the worker can send a copy with their QWork ID Number to


If they do not hold a recently expired passport, if the likeness has changed, or if you have never held a passport. Send a copy of a birth/adoption certificate and an official document issued by a government agency or a previous employer stating their National Insurance number and name, together with the QWork Worker ID Number, to


A naturalised British citizen can forward a copy of their certificate of registration/naturalisation instead of a birth/adoption certificate.


Please note that this process will take longer than processing through the ID Pal App.

Assignments & Timesheets 

14. Can we have multiple staff with hiring manager/delegated authority status?

Yes, you can invite someone to be a Hiring Manager on the system depending on how you would like the system to be managed within your business area.  


If an individual is to be set up as Budget Approver, this must go through the normal approval process (i.e., same as current NSP process via the Finance Director).


Please use the below form to request access for BA level. 

Budget Approver Authorisation Form

15. Can one person hold multiple roles? 

If you are Budget Approver, you can still be Hiring Manager, but you will need someone else to approve timesheets. All assignments must have at least 2 independent approvers.

16. Can Grade 3-5 staff upload information to the QWork system - prepare the assignments on behalf of a hiring manager? 

Yes Grades 3- 5 can act on behalf of the Hiring Manager (at G7/AC2 or above) and add the assignment to QWork.  They can also form part of the timesheet approval process, but this must then also include the Hiring Manager at (G7/AC2 or above) who is taking responsibility for the approval of the work and that the hours have been worked.

17. A TSA is not available to approve timesheets.

If the TSA is currently unavailable but back prior to monthly payroll processing date QWork Payment Schedule when the timesheets are processed, there should be no requirement to make changes to the assignments. 

If a TSA is unavailable for processing timesheets longer term, you can update the assignment with the new TSA name. 

Go to ‘Manage Assignments’ search the relevant assignment and update the TSA details. 

Once you have clicked update please wait, you will then be prompted on a Timesheet Update view (below) to review the details you have inputted. 

Ensure you review and tick the relevant options available. 

Then click update timesheets to save the changes. 


If a TSA has multiple assignments or you require support,

18. If a Hiring Manager / TSA is not available or has left.

Please contact with details of the Hiring Manager/ TSA that has left and who the replacement Hiring Manager/TSA is. 

This must be provided in advance of payroll processing each month to ensure the necessary changes can be made. 

19. How do I set up an assignment on QWork?

Please use the below video and / or step by step support guide for assignment set up or duplication of assignments.

Video Link - Process for offering an Assignment



For Teaching-Related Assignments:

When setting up a teaching-related assignment in QWork, you will notice a change in the Module Code Field.

The Module Code Field is now a drop-down list. You must select the relevant Module Code from this list.

In most cases, modules are mapped 1 to 1 with HESA Cost Centers. In these cases, the HESA Cost Center field and weighting will be automatically populated based on your Module Code selection.

However, if a module has more than one HESA Cost Center associated with it, you will need to manually select the appropriate HESA Cost Center from the drop-down list under that field.

If multiple HESA Cost Centers apply to an assignment, you can select them by using the 'Add HESA Cost Center' button.

After adding multiple Cost Centers, you should then enter the weighting for each Cost Center relevant to that assignment.

Please note that the total weighting for all selected Cost Centers must equal 1*

For Non- Teaching-Related Assignments:

Non-teaching related assignments are set up as usual, with no changes to the system functionality.

The Module Code Field remains a free-text field, and you can input the Module Code as you normally would.

 These instructions should help you navigate the new HESA reporting functionality in QWork for both teaching-related and non-teaching-related assignments.


*This 1 is equal to 100% of the module billing


Please use the below video and / or step by step support guide 




20. Can I give an assignment for 1 day only? 

To ensure that the worker can submit the timesheet you will need to start the assignment on the date the work is expected to be carried out. You must end the assignment on the following day.     Please ensure you do not put the end and start date as the same as no timesheet will generate for the worker. 

When creating assignments best practice is for the assignment to start on a Monday and end on Sunday, even when the assignment is only for a few hours / days during that duration.  This will avoid overlapping of assignment and make it clearer for you to view as a Hiring Manager.

21. Can I input an assignment in the past? 


No, QWork is future assignments only. A worker should not attend work if they have not accepted an assignment in QWork. Please contact QWork Admin if you need support on past assignments. 


22. Expiry / Respond By dates for assignments

When you set an assignment for a worker you must provide an expiry date before which the worker MUST accept or decline the assignment.  An email issues through QWork once you have set the assignment it clearly shows the expiry date of the offer of work. 


The worker must accept or decline the assignment in QWork BEFORE the expiry date.  


Please review Auto Declined Assignments for further information.  


23. Auto Declined Assignments


For assignments that have auto-declined due to the worker not accepting the assignment before the respond by date, the system now has the functionality that allows a hiring manager to amend the respond by date if the assignment has been auto-declined. 


If the assignment is in the future:

  • Respond by date should be amended. 
  • Hours per week field should be amended from 0.
  • Press the ‘Update’ button to update the assignment.


If the assignment is in the past:

Note: Assignments where the start date is 8 weeks in the past cannot be amended.

  • Respond by date should be amended.
  • Update the start / end dates as necessary.
  • Hours per week field should be reviewed / amended.
  • Press the ‘Update button to update the assignment.


The option to change the expiry date is only available after the assignment is showing as auto declined in your manage assignments list. 

24. How do I know which Job Family to use?

You should consult the Common Roles list which describes each role.  

If you have any queries, please contact your Extended Workforce Associate HR BP –


This information will be used in analytics, so it is important that the correct information is entered at the assignment stage.

25. Minimum Hours Facility 

From Monday 4th October 2021, QWork will be updated to include a minimum hour’s facility within the system. This means that, for each Assignment added to QWork, a Hiring Manager can specify the minimum and maximum number of hours that the Worker can be engaged for the duration of that Assignment. 

Video Link - Minimum & Maximum Assignment Hours

Please view for example scenarios

26. How can I tell if an assignment has been accepted or declined by a worker? 


To get an overall view of your assignment, click into the manage assignments. 

You can view the ‘Status’ of the assignment which will show if it has been offered and the ‘Offer Status’ to show if the worker has accepted or declined. 

Workers must accept / decline the assignment BEFORE the expiry date. 

27. We currently pay £xx per script/project marked. Do we need to convert this to the most appropriate hourly rate for the role?


Yes, all workers are entitled to Hours x Rate payment.

You must ensure all rates are above the Real Living Wage of £9.90 for the worker. 


28. How many hours can students work? 

It is Queens University policy that QUB students are allowed to complete no more than 20 hours per week of work during term time.  

Please note that some international student visa holder or studentships may have a further cap below 20 hours per week.  

For further information on Student Working Hours or engagement of International Student Visa Holders please refer to the  Extended Workforce SharePoint and Working in the UK as a Student for further support.

Please review the Semester Dates for details of term time. 

29. When assigning work on QWork, we can see that a student has been offered work by another Department but cannot see for which dates. How do we know if this overlaps with the offer we may wish to make? 

QWork does not allocate Assignments on particular days/hour, rather it keeps a record of how many hours in total a Worker has been assigned within a given week. 

Using this tally, QWork will then automatically prevent a new Assignment being allocated to a Worker if that would mean the Worker’s total hours for the week would be exceeded, as per the restrictions set within their profile. 

It is therefore the responsibility of the Worker to manage their Assignments and ensure they do not accept work at a time that overlaps with another previously accepted Assignment. 

When you search for a Worker you can view on their maximum hours cap, the hours they are current commissioned and the remaining hours for the week. 

When creating assignments best practice is for the assignment to start on a Monday and end on Sunday, even when the assignment is only for a few hours / days during that duration. This will avoid overlapping of assignment and make it clearer for you to view as a Hiring Manager. 

30. What information does a worker receive about an assignment? 

Once an assignment is set up for the worker. They will receive an email setting out the terms of the engagement. The email outlines the length of the assignment, hours, rate of pay, location etc. 

A worker MUST log in to QWork to accept or decline the assignment. 

If they do not accept the assignment BEFORE the expiry date it will auto decline and cannot be amended.  


31. A worker has inputted incorrect hours on their timesheet. 

As a Timesheet Approver (TSA) you can send the timesheet back to the worker queried. 

When you are in the timesheet of the worker use the Query Timesheet button and advise in the note section what the query is. 

The worker will receive a notification to review the timesheet, the worker will need to resubmit with the necessary adjustment. 


32. Why is a worker unable to view their timesheet? 

  • Timesheets are generated each Thursday of the week the assignment.
  • The workers compliance documentation may have expired. The worker will have received notification of this and will be required to update the documents prior to submitting any further timesheets. 
  • Please check that the hours for the full assignment have not been used, if so, please amend the hours per week / total hours if the assignment is in the future. 
  • If the assignment has ended, please create a new assignment if the work is in the future. 
  • If the assignment is in the past, please contact with the Assignment Number DTA xxx, the Workers full name and the dates of the assignment.

33.  I have logged in but there are no timesheets to authorise.

If you have checked under 'Pending Timesheet' tab it may mean that the worker has not submitted any timesheet yet, that you are not a TSA for the assignment or that another TSA associated with the assignment needs to authorise it first. 

34. Does the £5k limit exist within QWork

No, so long as the Hiring Manager has engaged the worker correctly (as per the Extended Workforce policy), the individual worker can continue to be engaged. 


For each assignment, it is the Hiring Manager’s responsibility to ensure the relationship is still that of a Worker, please refer to the Extended Workforce SharePoint for further advice. 

35. Are all QFIS Account Codes pre-set from the drop-down menu? 

Yes, Account Codes are pre-set depending on the Job family that you have chosen.

You can request additional sub analysis be added to a project code via the Qfis helpdesk


36. Can I enter an invalid QFIS Project Code?

No, QWork checks a live feed from QFIS, to ensure that the Project Code and Account Code are a valid combination and that it exists in the School/Department the Hiring Manager is associated with.

37. What happens if a Project Code is made inactive during an assignment?

If a project code is made inactive during an assignment, the Worker will not be able to complete a timesheet and the Hiring Manager will need to update the assignment with new project details prior to submitting a timesheet.

38. Can I change a Project Code if it is incorrect? 

Please submit the request with details of the current code and the new code along with the assignment number and worker name to, requesting the change.

39. Reports 

Hiring Managers can export the following reports in QWork: 

1. Timesheet Report 

2. Assignment Report. 


  • Under Manage Assignment. 
  • Scroll to bottom of the screen. 
  • Click on the Report required. 

It will generate a CSV file. Filter the data to your requirements. 


Video Link - Assignment & Timesheet Reports


Hiring Managers can only view the data relating to their assignments. 

Divisional Reports are generated at Head of Department / School Manager level only.


Pay & Holidays  

40. How is Holiday pay calculated?

Holiday pay is automatically added once you have inputted the rate of pay for the assignment, you will be shown an indicative rate which includes all deductions for the worker including annual leave, NI contribution and pension if applicable. 


Worker’s entitlement to paid holiday in each holiday year (which runs from 1 January to 31 December) is the statutory annual leave entitlement provided by the Working Time Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016, namely the equivalent of 5.6 weeks’ (capped at 28 days) paid holiday. Your assignment may include working on days that are statutory, bank and/or public holidays and there is no statutory right to paid holiday on these days. 


Workers must take all of holidays during the holiday year in which it accrues and carrying forward holiday is not permitted unless either agreed in advance by hiring managers or where the law allows holiday to be carried forward. 


The University will pay in lieu of accrued but untaken holiday entitlement at the end of each assignment calculated in accordance with the Working Time Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016. The amount of such payment in lieu shall be one hour’s pay for each accrued but untaken hour of holiday entitlement. 


QWork will pay untaken leave on a quarterly basis for closed assignments:


Completed Assignments


April May June


July Aug Sept


Oct Nov Dec


Jan Feb Mar



If an assignment involves the provision of teaching support during term time (for example, as a PGTA) workers should seek to use all accrued holidays outside teaching periods and the University will refuse requests for holidays which would adversely impact on teaching schedules.


Training Video on holidays for Hiring Managers Approving/Rejecting Holiday


41. Can the hiring manager choose to pay the worker/student and include holiday pay in the month-end payment rather than allowing it to accrue? Some students may work 8 hours per week with our service but have always received their holiday pay in their month-end pay.

No, legally, workers are required to request their Annual Leave – we are not legally allowed to pay “rolled up” pay.

42. Why can I no longer view a Workers Holiday Request? 

If the current assignment has finished the holiday request will automatically be picked up and processed during that month’s payroll processing.  

43. When are workers paid? 

All submitted & fully approved timesheets are processed by close of business on the monthly payroll cut-off date. Please refer to the QWork Payment Schedule for payroll processing and payments dates.  

The payment is issued to a Workers account on the last working day of the month. 

44. Can a Worker claim expenses?

Certain roles may incur expenses which a Hiring Manager should agree with the Worker prior to any expenses incurring. 

From the 1st April 2022 – All workers should submit expenses for reimbursement on a Request for Payment form (RFP), with supporting documentation provided if applicable.  


The RFP form should be approved by the Hiring Manager and sent to the School Office.  You can consult the Staff Expenses Policy online. 

45. P45 and P60 information for workers.

If a worker no longer wishes to engage in QWork and have advised their current Hiring Manager of the agreed end date, then the workers can request their P45 through QWork. 

Under the payroll menu at the bottom of the Contract page - ‘Leaving Employment’ a worker can request their P45. 

The P45 will issue at the end of the month if it has been requested prior to payroll processing. 

The P60s will be published towards the middle of May, a hard copy will also be posted to the address provided on QWork. 



46. How will the talent pool in QWork be expanded and maintained?

Each year the Extended Workforce (EW) Team will advertise and promote QWork to the student community, advertising the types of roles that are normally available to students and encouraging them to sign up for opportunities.  


Schools and Directorates can also promote QWork to students specifically to meet their needs. In addition, the EW Team will advertise externally to seek specific roles which are required across the campus e.g., administration.  All workers will be available to all Hiring Managers.

47. Do I have to use QWork to recruit casual workers?

Yes, all new opportunities must be advertised on QWork to allow an open and transparent process to all potential workers with the requisite skills, experience, and knowledge.

Once an individual worker passes through a fair and equitable process, they are then available to accept worker assignments until there is no longer a need for the worker role or the worker no longer wishes to be available for work.

48. Can I engage my current workers through QWork without having to complete further recruitment exercises?


Yes, anyone currently working on campus will be asked to register on QWork.  Once they are compliant on QWork you can add them to your personal/shared registers and offer assignments straight away.  Any new opportunities must be published on QWork.

49. Do I need to undertake a full recruitment exercise like that of an employee?

No, you can advertise your role (both internally and externally on Job boards).  You can manage your fair and equitable process off-line and record outcomes on QWork.

50. What is a Fair & Equitable process?

You should ensure that you review each applicant against the skills, knowledge, and experience that the role requires. There is no need to record the process on QWork, but you may want to maintain the records for future reference.

51. Where do I post a job advert? 

Within QWork on your profile to left hand side select create a new Job Ad


52. Can I use my own job reference?

Yes, if your area has their own number/alphabetical system for job applications you can continue to use this system. 

If not, you can create a new reference number and use it for any future queries linked to that role. 

53. Can I post externally?

To post externally you need to contact the job matching adviser Cheryl Blair by emailing details of the role including the reference number to to request this permission. Please advise if you want the role to be advertised on ‘MY FUTURE’ portal. 

Please put Job Advert in the subject box.  All adverts posted will go to the internal registered pool within QWork.

54. Do I need to use pre-screening questions?

The pre-screening option is designed to streamline shortlisting and the auto rejection is a good tool on large recruitment exercises. It is not a required field in the process.

55. Managing your Job Adverts

Within Job Adverts section click on Manage Job Ads: 



This page shows a list of your recently posted Job Adverts.  

  • Red = jobs that have expired
  • Green = jobs that have been filled
  • Current jobs are not highlighted
  • Search box allows you to look for jobs that you have posted by the reference/job title.
  • Status drop down menu, allows you to look for current jobs, expired, filled, all and deleted by clicking on search once you have selected the job status.
  • ‘Post New Job’ by clicking on this button, you can start the recruitment process. 


Hoover over each icon on the application status to confirm the update information.  

Select the numbers populated underneath each icon to view your applications. 




Under the candidates icon on your relevant Job Advert click the number to view the candidates. 


Applicant List & Shortlisting 



The profile box beside each worker will confirm their status. 

  • Green = Compliant.
  • Red = Non-compliant. 

Can apply for jobs, RTW must be completed to work. 

  • White = Working & fully compliant.


By hovering over the boxes, you will be able to view a pop up of the worker information, including Full Name, photo, job preference, employment history, student / non student etc. 


At this point you can: 

  • Email the worker under the ‘request documents’ automates a request for the workers to submit their RTW documentation. 
  • View their ‘Responses & Profile’ to view the details relating to the application including responses to pre-screening questions. 
  • Email the worker on their Profile page. 
  • Download their CV. 
  • By viewing their profile, you can ‘Set Status’ from pending to shortlisted / not shortlisted. 


Responses & Profile View


Once you have completed your shortlisting you can then filter the applications under the ‘shortlisting’ status. 

You must email the outcome to the worker in relation to shortlisting / interview / unsuccessful. This is not an automatic process once you select the status. 

The responses to the emails will go to your own email address.

56. Can I download responses to excel?

The option to download the list of roles and the applicant list is available. Please view the Export:CSV function on each page. 



57. I need a CV as part of the job application do I need this to be emailed?

No. Within QWork when the applicant is creating their profile there is document section where they can upload their CV.     


You can request this to be completed as part of the application within your job advert.

58. Do applicants need to be registered on QWork to apply?

For all job adverts placed within QWork an applicant must register in order to apply.  

To post externally please email the email details of the role including the reference number to to request this permission. 


You can also refer any potential applicant to QWork

59. If I need a large number of workers, how do I manage this?

Please contact please provide as many details as possible.   

60. How can the workers see the job adverts?

When a Worker logs into QWork they will have the below options on their Menu. 

Search Current Jobs will show them all work available. 

Job Applications provides a history of what they have applied for. 


61. How can I specify my area for work?

Please state in the Job Description the school/area that the job is advertising for e.g. School of Nursing, Academic & Student Affairs, School of Arts, English & Languages. 


The view for the Worker will be similar to the below: 





62. Link to advertise Job Advert

The Job Advert must first be posted. 

Click on Manage Job Ads.


Within Manage Job Ads, click on the Job Title of the Job Advert you need the link for. 

Please note that Job Adverts with a DRAFT status are not live.

Within the ‘Edit Job Ad form’ click on the ‘View JobAd’ link, this is just above the job title field 

Job Advert should now appear in a separate window. 

Copy the URL, this link will direct candidates to where they can apply. 

Access to QUB Resources 

63. How do Workers get QUB systems credentials? 

Once a worker accepts an assignment in QWork, 3 days before the assignment start date the worker will receive 2 emails with their QUB System Credentials which is a 35 Number and password.  One email will provide the worker number, the second email will be encrypted and contain the password. 

Both emails will be sent to the email address the worker registered with on QWork.  It is important that when registering on QWork that workers register with an email address they can access at all times e.g. their personal email address. 

The first email workers receive will provide information on how to access QOL & Office 365 and the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR).  

This is only for QUB systems access and is not linked to their QWork access.  Please be aware that a smart phone is required to use Office 365 and SSPR as multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a mandatory requirement. 


If a worker is expecting an email containing their credentials and does not receive the email they should contact

64. How can workers get access to additional systems such as Canvas?

Workers engaged via QWork are not automatically provided with access to additional systems such as Canvas. To request access to Canvas, hiring managers must make this request via the QSIS team. The workers 35 number will also be required. 

Please note that when requesting access to Canvas, this can only be requested 3 days before the start of the assignment, providing the worker has accepted the assignment on QWork. 

65. I no longer have access to the QWork Integrator App, how can I view a worker’s 35 number? 

Access to the QWork Integrator App for a Hiring Manager is no longer required. If a worker requires QUB System Access Credentials and the assignment was issued that before 31/10/2022 please contact the QWork Admin Team with the workers details. They will send the 35 Number & Password directly to the worker. 


As a Hiring Manager you can view the Workers 35 Number under a Workers Profile on QWork. Located near the top of the profile page, called Payroll No.  This will be useful for requesting any additional systems access such as Canvas. Please note that when requesting access to Canvas, this can only be requested 3 days before the start of the assignment. 

Access to all QUB systems is for the duration of the assignment only.

66. Do Workers automatically get access to an email address?

No. Hiring Managers will have to request an email address for the Worker by completing a QF/01P formYou must ensure you provide the 35 Number for the worker. If you have any queries relating to email access, please log a call with IT Service Desk.

Please be aware that in line with IS policy, emails will only be retained for a period of 90 days from the end date of the workers last assignment, unless the worker accepts another assignment within that 90-day period.

67. Should I add a Worker to the Additional Persons Database?

Workers engaged via the QWork system should NOT be added to the Additional Persons Database.  

Information Services will be terminating all Additional Persons accounts as soon as possible. The Worker does not need to take any action to close their Additional Persons account.  

The Worker should use their QUB system credentials supplied as part of their engagement on QWork.  Access to specific systems/services will need to be applied to the Worker account in line with the normal process. 

The Worker is responsible for liaising with IS to link their QWork account to their previous email address.

68. If a Worker previously had an email address associated with an old NSP/OCJ/Additional Persons account and this has now been discontinued, how can that Worker access email now?

All email accounts associated with an old NSP/OCJ/Additional Persons account which would previously been linked to a 26 number have been discontinued. A Worker can request that their previous email account is moved to a new account by sending the request to the IT Service Desk.

69. How do I set up access to Canvas for a casual worker?

The Hiring Manager should contact the QSIS Team to request access using the QUB Systems Credentials (35 Number, located on QWork on the Worker Profile). If the worker has a historical account associated with a previous Additional Person Account (26 Number), the Hiring Manager can request that their access is swapped from the old 26 number to the new 35 number.

The QSIS Team can be contacted on the following email address: QSIS Support –


70. A Worker has files on OneDrive on an old account.  Can they be transferred to the Worker account?

This is not currently possible.  OneDrive files should be downloaded from the old account and copied to the new worker account by the Worker themselves.   In line with IS policy, emails and documents are only stored for a period of 90 days (unless the worker accepts another assignment in the 90-day period) following the end date of the workers assignment. 

71.A Worker needs access to the McClay Library.     How can they get access?

All workers that are on assignments for the following Job Families will have access to the Library automatically:

  • Language Assistants
  • Non-core Curriculum Tutor
  • Occasional Lecturer (Clinical Demonstrator)
  • Research Assistants
  • Thesis/Dissertation Supervision
  • Opening Learning Tutors 
  • PGTA & Non PGTA

Access is for the duration of assignments only. 

All access and printing options are currently managed through SmartCards. 

72. A Worker needs a SmartCard for building access or printing, how are these arranged? 

SmartCards are needed for buildings access purposes (including the Library where applicable) and for easy authentication to printing services. 


To request a card, send an email to with the following details:

  • Worker Number (Starts with 35 & issues through the IT Integrator). 
  • Full Name of Worker as displayed on QWork.
  • Recent "passport style" image of the worker.

Please include contact details and location for delivery.

The cards will be printed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and will be added to the internal post for delivery.


Cards for those the wider Extended Workforce that are NOT engaged through QWork, should continue to be added to the Additional Persons Database and the current process still exists.

If you have a query relating to SmartCards please contact

73. What QUB system access do Workers automatically receive? 

Through the QUB System Access Credentials workers will have basic access to: 

Payslips are currently posted to the postal address a workers provides on QWork. 

This information is supplied directly to a Worker when the 35 Number & Password issues. 

Access to QUB systems including email will be for the duration of a live assignment only.

74. Do QUB staff members need worker credentials? 

No, if a QUB staff member is engaged in casual work via QWork, they will not need new system access details e.g. 35 Number and Password, they can use their existing QUB logon credentials.   

In the background the QUB staff member’s number is added to QWork for payroll purposes. 

If a QUB staff member leaves their post during an assignment on QWork, providing they still has an active assignment on QWork a 35 number will then be generated. 

Please contact the QWork Admin Team in relation to engaging QUB staff members through QWork. 

75. Do workers need access to claim expenses?

Certain roles may incur expenses which a Hiring Manager should agree with the Worker prior to any expenses incurring. 

From the 1st April 2022 – All workers should submit expenses for reimbursement on a Request for Payment form (RFP), with supporting documentation provided if applicable.  

The RFP form should be approved by the Hiring Manager and sent to the School Office.  You can consult the Staff Expenses Policy online. 


General Queries 

76. Is there training available for workers registering on QWork? 

Workers are provided with an option to attend training as part of their registration process. A new starter process providing training videos and information is also supplied. Workers also have access to the Online Help & Support when they register on QWork. 


Workers receive a welcome email once they are registered with their Worker Agreement and the steps to completing their Right to Work. 

77. Is there training available for managers registering on QWork? 

Please refer to the Hiring Manager Video Guide & Information sheet or for individual or group training sessions, please contact 

78. A worker has contacted me to say they are sick, what do I need to do? 

If a worker has accepted an assignment but are then unable to work the hours agreed they (or someone on their behalf) must inform the Hiring Manager by telephone of the reason for the absence, as soon as possible but in any event by no later than two hours before they are scheduled to start work. 

For queries related to Statutory Sick Pay the worker is referred to contact the Salaries Office

79. Moving from Non-Staff Payroll (NSP) system to QWork on the Main Payroll (MP) system. 

If a payee moves from the NSP payroll to the QWork payroll, this means they have moved from one HMRC Pay As You Earn (PAYE) reference number to another.

In the first pay month on the new payroll, their record is assessed against the relevant age and earnings eligibility criteria that is required for auto enrolment into the NEST pension scheme.

A payee who does not meet the criteria, will not be auto enrolled into NEST, even if they have been a NEST member whilst on the NSP payroll. This is because their new payroll QWork record is assessed as a new contract and does not take into account previous records on different PAYE reference numbers.


The Pensions Office will issue a communication to advise whether or not payees have been auto enrolled into the NEST pension scheme. Those who have not met the auto enrolment criteria will have the option to opt-in to the NEST pension scheme, and the communication they receive will provide information on this process.

80. Who should a worker contact if they have any queries regarding the amount of Tax, National Insurance or Pension deductions? 

The Worker should be referred to the Salaries Office

81. What should I do if a Worker has raised concerns, or I have concerns in relation to the Worker? 

As a Hiring Manager you are the first point of contact for the worker, you should ensure that you listen to any problems that they may wish to raise, please ensure you seek support from the HRPB Team. 

If you have concerns in relation to a Worker, then please ensure you get support on dealing with the concerns through the HPPB Team.     

82. Where do I find further information on engaging a Worker? 

Please refer to the Extended Workforce SharePoint for further advice or through your Extended Workforce AHRPB. 

83.Where do I find further information on minimum pay rates? 

Please refer to The Real Living Wage 

84. Where do I find further information on Teaching Framework? 

Please refer to TA Framework & Guidance