What is King's Talent Bank?

King’s Talent Bank is a cloud-based system owned by King’s College London, the service offered provides King's College London student workers, temporary staff, alumni, visiting lecturers and contractors work opportunities that are non-permanent.

Why are we moving to Kings Talent Bank?

  • To stop using the paper payment forms (so no more queuing up to get your form signed at the end of exam!)

  • To have a safer and a more transparent payment system 

  • Invigilators will get paid more frequently (once a week!)

  • Kings Talent Bank will enable invigilators to track down their payments, request references, P45s and other things online 

  • Kings Talent Bank will also enable invigilators to apply for other temporary work within King’s

When are we moving to Kings Talent Bank?

From 1 December 2018  

What will change?

  1. From 1 December 2018  invigilators will need to submit their worked hours electronically via Kings Talent Bank for all exams run by Examinations Team

  2. The Examinations Team will approve the hours electronically

  3. Invigilators will get paid on a weekly basis 

  4. The flat payment rate changes to £10.20/hour and the holiday pay can be claimed back

Why is the rate changing?

Our current rate is £11.30 per hour, including statutory holiday pay. Due to the temporary nature of the work offered, invigilators are unable to take the actual holiday and at the same time they are unable to claim any money back with this arrangement.

Processing payments via Kings Talent Bank will allow invigilators to claim their holiday pay (£1.10/hour) back which is useful to some people as it adds extra bonus and helps with taxes. So with this in mind, the pay rate remains the same (£10.20+£1.10=£11.30)

What do invigilators required to do by 1 December?

Register with KingsTalentBank.com online and complete a compliance check with Kings Talent Bank in person or at the Post Office (which is a paid service if you cannot make the checks in person)

Why do invigilators need to register with Kings Talent Bank online

In order for you to get paid for sessions run by the Examinations Team from 1 December

How long will the registration process with Kings Talent Bank take?

The online registration consists of 5 stages and it should not take more than 10 minutes to complete it. 

Why do I need to complete a compliance check?

Kings Talent Bank need to check your ID and your eligibility to work in the UK, this is a legal requirement.  

How do I complete a compliance check?

You can visit one of three Kings Talent Bank locations in Guys, Strand and Holborn or do an ID check via your local Post Office.

Please follow the instructions on how to complete a compliance check with Kings Talent Bank in the welcome confirmation email sent by Kings Talent Bank once you register with them online.

What if I don’t sign up by 1 December?

Signing up to King’s Talent Bank is a quick and simple process so we hope all invigilators will be able to do this by 1 December 2018.

If you are unable to do so, you will still be able to sign up to sessions but your payment forms will be processed manually via Payroll and you will be paid on a monthly rather than weekly basis.