• When you first registered you probably selected NOT to opt out of the 48-Hour a week restriction - meaning you chose to work a maximum of 48 hours a week (in line with EU Directive)
  • To rectify this please log into your account,  click on "My Contact Details" and go to "Opting out of 48 hour / week agreement". This will then allow you to opt out of the Working Time Directive which will allow you to enter more than 48 hours. (please see below for example)

For your information only graduates should get the option to work 48 hours or above unless;


  • It's not term time
  • We have proof your attending all lectures and performing to your predicted standard
  • Your manager agree's to let you work over 20 hours in term time with a description informing us why 
My availability

Full time work, or several part time job's maybe 40

Student in term time 20 unless stated otherwise

If you aren't looking for work at the moment, you can set your availability to 0.