Why have I not got a pension at the moment? 

Either you opted out when you were auto-enrolled into the Keystone Employment Group LLP Pension Scheme or you do not meet the Government criteria of the auto enrolment pension scheme.

What will happen to my payments?

Your payments will now stop due to the transfer of employment from Keystone Employment Group LLP to King's Talent Bank and you will be auto-enrolled under the King’s Talent Bank pension scheme as this becomes available.

Can I transfer my pension?

Upon leaving employment it is possible to transfer your Pension to a different pension scheme, for further information please contact NOW: Pensions.

Can I take out what I have paid in?

You are not able to take out the contributions that you have paid, unless you have decided to Opt-Out prior to your Opt-Out date. 

Who can I talk to regarding my pension?

Please contact NOW Pensions through their contact form linked here.