KTB Worker Pay Rates and Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) Information 

KCL GradeSPAnnual PayHourly Rate
1SP 324,61013.48
2SP 725,45413.95
3SP 1428,44815.59
4SP 2032,17917.63
5SP 2536,53220.02

  • The difference between the Standard Hourly pay rate and the AWR Hourly Pay Rate (which applies after a 12 week qualifying period) is the additional holiday pay allowance:
    • Standard Hourly pay rate includes 28 days paid holiday (pro-rata) - the equivalent 12.07% of basic hourly rate
    • AWR Hourly pay rate includes 35 days paid holiday (pro-rata) - the equivalent 15.56% of basic hourly rate
    • For further information on the Agency Worker Regulations (2010) see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2010/93/contents/made