Before you start work we need to check your identification documentation for compliance reasons.

Where are compliance checks carried out?

Compliance checks are carried out through our partner ID Pal. 

Use this link to download the app and complete your ID check:
 ID-Pal - Right to Work.  
You may wish to watch this short instruction video see here video on how ID Pal works. 

Should you have 
any problems, please contact

Depending on your nationality the following identification documents are required:

  • for UK citizens you will need to bring either, Passport or  Driving Licence & Full Birth Certificate along with your National insurance card/tax document stating your full name and permanent National insurance number issued by a Government agency or previous employer. For example, P45 and P60 can be used.
  • for other EU/EEA nationals (including Switzerland) you will need to bring either, ID Card or Passport.  You will also need to provide your Right to Work Share Code
  • for those outside the EEA you will need to provide both your Passport AND Visa (which shows your working arrangements).  Alternatively, you can provide your Right to Work Share Code and a form of photo ID.

Avoid paying Emergency Tax:

  • it is essential to complete the tax documentation requirement, either by providing your P45 (part 2 and 3) from your previous employer or a P46 / New Starter checklist as soon as possible to avoid paying emergency tax. 
  • also, from April 2013 students do have to pay tax - click here for more information. 

For students who have limited permission to work during term-times:

  • please provide your academic term and vacation times covering the duration of your period of study in the UK for which you will be employed
  • we consider acceptable evidence to be one of the following:

(i) A printout from your education institution's website or other material published by the institution setting out its timetable for your course of study; or

(ii) A letter or email addressed to you from your education institution confirming term time dates for your course.