** It is important we receive your completed tax forms quickly to you don't get put on emergency tax - which will over tax you. **


Relevant tax forms: P45 or New Starter Checklist

Is this your first job?



Please provide this to the payroll department as .



  • You will need to complete a New Starter Checklist which is available  from the HMRC: by clicking here
  • It is important the New Starter Checklist is completed before your first pay day so that we know what tax code to use.



    • If you have worked prior to this job in the current tax year your previous employer should of issued you a P45.
    • The P45 this will give details of your earnings, the tax you have previously paid and your current tax code.
    • If your previous employer did not issue you a P45 you can still complete a P46 (see above).

Where do I send my tax documents?

Payroll Department

Keystone Employment Group LLP

272 -276 Pentonville Road 

Kings Cross 


N1 9JY