What is a Contract for Services?

  • A contract for services is commonly used when a person works on a part-time or casual basis.
  • The contract establishes certain rights, responsibilities and duties between yourself and the 'employment business' described in the 'terms'. 
  • The terms of the contract are offered to you, which you can choose to accept or decline.
  • In accepting the terms both parties are obligated to the rights, responsibilities and duties. In declining the contract no employment relationship exists.
  • Unlike fixed term contracts the contract for services has no specified end date, but can be terminated by either party e.g. you may find alternative work or the employment business may terminate if there is a breach of the terms.
  • "Assignments" are offered to you on behalf of the 'hiring manager' without having to amend employment contracts each time.
  • The Assignment specifies:  Job Title, Duties, Rate of Pay, Location, Start Date and End Date. Again, you can choose to accept or decline these assignments.  

Where do I find my Contract?

  • Go to My Documents where you will see your most recent contract and its expiry date
  • This will open a PDF version of your contract you signed online.