School of Security Studies

Department of War Studies

Defence Studies Department


HPL Information

Academic Year 2023/24


Welcome to the School of Security Studies, we are delighted to offer you this HPL assignment.

What to do in the event of a query:

In case of any queries relating to your allocated hours please contact:  

Acceptance of your assignments:

Please accept your assignments in a timely manner.

The hours allocated in this HPL contract cannot easily be amended, please check all detail on this contract to confirm this offer matches your expectations.


You should have received a copy of your contract over email or it can be found via your King's Teachers profile under the payroll menu - there will be a contract link at the top of the page.  


If you have any queries please do contact the Business Team asap to query this - BEFORE ACCEPTING THE ASSIGNMENT.  HPL assignments are not easily amended.


For all assignments accepted by a Tuesday, your first payment will take place the following Friday.  Where assignments are backdated your first payment will be backdated to bring you up to date, subsequently you will receive weekly payments on a Friday based on number of hours allocated per week on your assignment.


Many thanks

The Business Team, School of Security Studies