School of Security Studies

Department of War Studies

Defence Studies Department

GTA Information

Academic Year 2023/24


Welcome to the School of Security Studies, you have been allocated this assignment.  

What to do in the event of a query:

Your Module Convenor will be your Line Manager, if you have any queries or questions, please make your enquiry with them first. This information can be found within your assignment. 

In case of queries relating to:

  • Teaching/marking/timetabling: contact your Module Convenor 
  • King's Teachers (KT): The knowledge bank on KT is excellent and contains guidance to assist you, you can find it via online help.
  • You can also email the KT helpdesk:
  • Your allocated hours:  
  • For queries related to module allocation, induction sessions, training sessions, and any issues related to your role not covered by the above, please contact the DWS GTA Lead, Eitan Oren
  • For any issues with teaching rooms, e.g.size issues, room is not suitable for your needs etc. please complete this form.


As well as the 6 hours mandatory training offered by King's, the SoSS offers an additional 6 hours of training.  Your training hours will be added to one of your assignments.


All GTA's within the Department of War Studies will be invited to attend a mandatory induction which will take place in September, the induction will cover a wide range of subjects and you will be provided with induction documentation after the session. 

For further detail and links to King's Academy please see your job description.

Training/drop-in sessions around how to use King's Teachers will be organised by the GTA Business Manager - this will be communicated to all GTAs via King's Teachers.

Acceptance of your assignments:

Please accept your assignments in a timely manner and submit timesheets at the time of your teaching/marking - your acceptance of this assignment enables us to see any issues with any of our GTAs accepting an offer.   

Submission of timesheets:

Each assignment issued is designed to cover the lecture/seminar you are teaching on.  There may be instances throughout the year where you are requested to undertake additional work, for example you may be asked to cover a seminar on behalf of someone else.  In this instance either an existing assignment should be updated to reflect the additional work, or an additional assignment may be issued.  The assignments you have are specific to the module/seminar you are teaching on - please do not use an existing assignment to claim hours unless those hours relate to that module.  This action can lead to confusion as you near the end of your assignment.  Please only submit timesheets specific to the lecture/seminar you are teaching on as per your assignment.


As per the GTA Payment Schedule (tariff) for GTAs:

  • Course work - 1 hour per student per 15 credit module
  • Exam Marking - 0/5 hours per student per 15 credit module

Where you are undertaking a 30 credit module the above will be doubled. 

Number of students in seminar groups:

Assignments are initially allocated with 16 students. This will be updated once individual seminar sizes are confirmed and finalised in the first five weeks of term. The Business Team will inform GTAs once the seminar sizes have been finalised. Your final hours will reflect the actual number of students in each seminar that you are teaching, so please ensure that your Module Convenor informs the office about any seminar swaps. If you have a query about hours related to seminar sizes, please wait until the seminar sizes are confirmed in term 1.


Your final timetable will be available middle of August. The Undergraduate team will be assigning you to your seminars on the timetable so that you are able to view your teaching schedule.