June 2023  

The location for each teaching assignment that you accept will vary according to the teaching and may cross locations and campuses. Your place of work will be at one of the College's five campuses in Greater London: Strand, Waterloo, St Thomas's, Guy's and Denmark Hill and so GTAs are expected to be living in the UK and working in the Greater London area whilst teaching.

The GSM policy is in place to protect both individuals and the university from the financial and legal risks that are associated with working overseas.

Like all employers, King’s has a legal obligation to ensure employees and the university complies with the requirements of overseas authorities, such as social security, immigration and employment law.

There is a financial risk for you as an individual if you live/work overseas during your employment with King’s and you do not pay social security or tax obligations that are due in that country. You may personally incur fines and backdated charges from overseas jurisdictions. There may also be important pension implications, which could mean you are no longer be eligible to remain a member of USS, SAUL or NHS Pensions, or be entitled to ill health or life cover benefits which may be provided by that scheme.

Please refer to the Overseas Working Framework and Global Staff Mobility Policy for further details.