How do I advertise for GTAs on Kings Teachers?

Please use the guidance video below which show you how you can advertise your GTA teaching posts on Kings Teachers. A step-by-step process is also provided.

King's Teachers - How to create a Job Advert

  1. Create a New Job Ad on Kings Teachers
  2. Any templates you have already created will show here on the opening page.
  3. For a new job, click on ‘Create New Job’.

  1. Template displayed, change the ‘Job Ref’ and ‘Job Title’ as required.
  2. Enter the number of vacancies.
  3. ‘Job Family’ and ‘Pay rate’ are fixed.
  4. State the start date, end date and job advert expiry date.
  5. All GTA positions should be advertised INTERNALLY only. Please tick the box next to ‘Candidates in King’s College London Pool Only’, your advert will be sent to all candidates already registered on Kings Teachers.
  6. The default job description will appear, please make this school/department specific and save as a template or use the ‘Create a Job’ standard template. To save a template please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save to Template and Post Later”. The Templated job advert will appear under the “Create a new job” in the table on this page.

  1. Leave the Job sector as ‘Education/Teaching’.
  2.  Under Pre-Screening questions, recommendations are to include the following questions to automatically filter applications.
  1. Do you have the right to work in the UK?
  2. Can you work as a GTA alongside your PhD?
  3. Can you commit to working at least an average of 5 hours a week?

Please state the correct answer as ‘Yes’ to all questions and tick the box to automatically reject applicants with the incorrect answer.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

  1. Review and then select ‘Post Ad Now’ at bottom of page. Once posted the advert will be live at 6pm that day.

  1. To amend a Job Advert, please go Manage Job Ads and select the ‘Job Title’ of the template you need to change. Make required changes and click on ‘Update’ at bottom of page.


For further help with boosting your advert please refer to Recruitment Video - Tips and Tricks.

If you need any specific help with adverts, please contact