All GTAs are treated as staff and should have been included in communications from Faculties/Schools on how to inform KCL that they have participated in strike action.

There is a section in Staff FAQs covering GTAs. As with all staff, the college is reliant on GTAs informing us that they will be striking. Pay will be deducted for each hour of teaching missed, as well as any preparation for those hours of teaching. However, if you receive a query from a GTA who still held a feedback hour for a seminar they have not taught due to striking, a suggestion would be to reduce the number of seminars on their assignment and add any feedback hours they have worked under the ‘Business Requirements Extras’ in their workplan adding comments to support this amendment. If a GTA has claimed hours that they have not worked due to participation in strike action, another option would be for the GTA to not claim actual hours worked the following week to counteract the hours they have previously claimed.

Please treat each situation individually and contact if you need any advice or support.