From your manager's account, you can download the Assignment report by clicking on "Manage Assignment" and at the bottom of this page you will see the "Assignment Report" button, please click on this and allow the report to download.  


Field NameDescription
Tier1The first level of the organisation structure (Faculty)
Tier2The second level of the organisation structure (Department)
Tier3The third level of the organisation structure (sub Department)
Booked ByThe manager who created the assignment 
Booked By EmailManager email who created the assignment 
Invoice ToManager set as the invoicing contact
Invoice To EmailManager email set as the invoicing contact
LocationLocation of where the assignment is based
AssignmentUnique assignment number
CostcodeActivity and Account Code
Worker NameGTA Name
Worker EmailGTA Email
Job titleAssignment job title combined with Module Code and Module name
TypeJob type which is always temporary 
Pay RatePay rate for the assignment - maximum possible charge is set at £28.74
Max Assignment HoursTotal number of hours allocated to the assignment/workplan
Assignment Hours TakenTotal number of hours submitted and processed by the candidate 
Assignment Hours RemainingTotal number of hours remaining in the assignment/workplan 
Assignment Hours Per WeekAverage hours per week workplan is worth 
NationalityNationality of the candidate
Start DateStart date of the Assignment/Workplan
End DateEnd date of the Assignment/Workplan
StatusStatus of the assignment 
Offer StatusOffer status of the assignment 
StudentIs the candidate a student

If you would like to work out the cost of employing a candidate please carry out the following calculation using the following fields:

Max Assignment Hours x £28.74 = Estimated total cost of employment