Within Job Adverts section click on Manage Job Ads: 

This page shows a list of your recently posted Job Adverts.  

  • Red = jobs that have expired
  • Green = jobs that have been filled
  • Current jobs are not highlighted
  • Search box allows you to look for jobs that you have posted by the reference/job title.
  • Status drop down menu, allows you to look for current jobs, expired, filled, all and deleted by clicking on search once you have selected the job status.
  • ‘Post New Job’ by clicking on this button, you can start the recruitment process. 


Hoover over each icon on the application status to confirm the update information.  

Select the numbers populated underneath each icon to view your applications.

Under the candidates icon        on your relevant Job Advert click the number to view the candiates. 


Applicant List& Shortlisting 

The profile box beside each worker will confirm their status.

  • Green = Compliant.
  • Red = Non-compliant. 

Can apply for jobs,RTW must be completed to work. 

  • White = Working & fully compliant.


By hovering over the boxes, you will be able to view a pop up of the worker information, including Full Name, photo, job preference, employment history, student / non student etc. 


At this point you can: 

  • Email the worker under the ‘request documents’ automates a request for the workers to submit their RTW documentation. 
  • View their ‘Responses & Profile’ to view the details relating to the application including responses to pre screening questions. 
  • Email the worker on their Profile page. 
  • Download their CV. 
  • By viewing their profile, you can ‘Set Status’ from pending to shortlisted / not shortlisted. 


Responses & Profile View

Once you have completed your shortlisting you can then filter the applications under the ‘shortlisting’ status. 

Then send a message to the worker on shortlisting / interview etc. 

The responses to the emails will go to your own email address.