QWork will be rolled out across the University in the coming months in a phased approach, focused on different cohorts of casual workers. The first cohort – Student Visa holders who carry out casual work at Queen’s (formerly Tier 4 student workers) – transitioned to QWork in April 2021. This means that from 19th April 2021, all assignments for Student Visa holders must be commissioned through QWork.  

In May 2021, preparation will begin for all non-teaching staff in Schools and Directorates to transition to QWork.  Each School and Directorate will receive an e-mail template which should be issued to all casual workers informing them of the move to QWork and inviting them to register on the QWork system.  Once the Worker has registered on the system and is marked as compatible, Hiring Managers can offer assignments using QWork.

It is envisaged that all non- teaching workers will be transitioned to QWork on Monday 14 June 2021. However, if a Casual Worker is finishing their current work assignment by the end of June – i.e., will not be processed through July’s payroll – it is advisable not to move this worker to QWork and instead continue to process their payment via NSP. 

You may wish to advise the Casual Worker that they should register with QWork if they intend to take on further assignments in the future, but they must only do this once their current assignment has ended. 

Once Schools are fully trained on using the system (May – July) it is expected that all recruitment, engagement and payment of Casual Teaching Workers for academic year 2021-22 will be carried out using QWork.

Any remaining cohorts will move across to QWork in Sept-Oct.