We are committed to providing greater security and a guarantee of hours for Workers where possible. In many cases it will be possible to guarantee hours (subject to the terms of agreement), e.g., teaching hours for teaching assistants. However, in some scenarios it may not be possible to predict the number of hours in advance as the hours may vary week to week (e.g., in the commercial areas of the University or for those engaged in marking assignments). 

As a result of this, from Monday 4th October 2021, QWork will be updated to include a minimum hours facility within the system. This means that, for each Assignment added to QWork, a Hiring Manager can specify the minimum and maximum number of hours that the Worker can be engaged for the duration of that Assignment, effectively creating a pool of potential hours. 

The terms of agreement have been updated on QWork to reflect this change and all Workers will receive a notification advising of this prior to the 4 October. No action is required on the behalf of the Worker. 

Workers should only undertake work in Queen’s if they have been offered and accepted an Assignment in QWork. You should note that if you carry out work that is not properly processed via QWork, you will not be paid. 

It is your responsibility as a Worker to submit your timesheets regularly to ensure that they are paid on time. Timesheets submitted and approved by 15th of each month will be paid at the end of the month. 

Timesheets generate each Thursday for the week that you are working in.