During each week of your assignment, QWork will automatically generate a timesheet for you to complete.  Go to ‘Assignments/Timesheet’. 

  • Here you will see a list of Assignments that you have accepted. 
  • Under the relevant assignment you will see ‘Timesheet’, click here. 

  • Review the week you wish to submit a timesheet for, click enter hours. 

  • Enter the hours you have worked before pressing the submit button on the bottom of the page.
  • Please ensure you have entered the correct number of hours for the right week before pressing submit.
  • You should only submit the times of your shift e.g., start of day at 9.00 am to end of day at 11.00 am for a 2-hour shift. Please ensure you input any breaks if applicable. 
  • Holidays are not included on your timesheets. You can request holidays through the payroll menu under the holiday request tab. 

You should submit your timesheet every week, as soon as possible after you have completed the work.  Do not submit a timesheet until after the hours have been worked. 

Timesheets are generated each Thursday for the week you are working.