Current Assignments

This page shows details of all your active assignments. To see your job assignment in more detail please click into the job description under Job Title - this will take you to a window showing 3 tabs:

Basic Details - Shows your job title, the start date and end date of your assignment , hours assigned per week, Pay rate , timesheet authoriser and location.

Job Description - Shows your Job Description, Skills required for the job, Qualifications required and any Health & Safety Issues that you need to be made aware of.

Reporting Instructions - Shows you detailed directions to the job, who you should report to and any other instructions relating to the assignment  e.g Dress Code, Documentation, etc

To complete and Timesheet and Enter your Hours click on the Online button

Help - I cannot see my Timesheet?

If you have carried out work and cannot see your timesheet it may be because of the following reasons:

  • An assignment has not been created for you - check with your hiring manager
  • Your assignment may have ended and may need to be extended
  • Your timesheet/s may not be generated. This is because timesheets are generated every Thursday for worked carried out in that current week. For example if you work Monday 1st October your timesheet will not be generated until Thursday 04th October.

Please contact the MetTemps Service Desk 0207 133 4611 if you have further questions.

Your Assignment Details - Why am I seeing this?

This is where you can Accept or Reject an Assignment that has initially been offered to you. If you are happy with the details that go ahead and Accept.

You can see the current details of the assignment here - job title, dates, hours, pay rate, job description and timesheet authorisers.